With its design, build, and operational capability, Quest Water is able to create decentralized facilities that provide alternate and sustainable water supply solutions. These facilities, and the water generated from them, can be utilized in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: bottled water operations, agricultural supply, industrial & manufacturing processes, bulk residential supply, and self-serve water stores & kiosks. The facilities and technology are both modular and scalable in design, allowing for water production from a few thousand to millions of liters per day.


Quest Water’s AQUAtapTM and WEPSTM clean water systems have attracted much attention from potential customers and partners in various geographic locations worldwide who wish to sell the water these systems produce. As a result, Quest has launched a Build, Own, Operate (BOO) business model whereby we collaborate and joint venture with local investors and partners to establish self-serve water vending businesses, micro-scale & full-scale water bottling facilities, and bulk water production for sale to residential communities, agriculture businesses (irrigation, production processes, and livestock), manufacturing, and other commercial entities. In response to this interest, we have launched a robust marketing campaign to attract partners, investors, and stakeholders to undertake and participate in the variety of profitable business models offered by Quest Water.


While access to water supply is critical for a family’s health and social dignity, access to water for productive uses such as agriculture and family-run businesses is vital to realize livelihood opportunities, generate income, and contribute to economic productivity. Quest Water is looking for strong partners who are established in their given geographic markets. Investing in one of the many business models offered by Quest Water can help reduce poverty and sustain economic growth while providing an exceptional rate of return for investors and partners.


Each of our business models provide for a positive economic impact on local communities as we utilize and train a local workforce for the installation, operation, and ongoing maintenance of our products and facilities. Community involvement is paramount to the success of our business models as it provides the opportunity for local residents to become stakeholders in the business, ensuring a socio-economic benefit for the communities while ensuring a truly sustainable supply of clean water.