John Balanko - President & CEO/Director

John Balanko has been involved in the clean water industry since 2000 and has an extensive background in corporate finance, sales, marketing, contract and license negotiation, project management, and business development.  Over the past 25 years, John has held executive positions, including being a member of the Board of Directors, with over a dozen private and public companies. His involvement within the water technologies sector began in 2000. In 2002, Mr. Balanko founded and was managing partner of Liquid Air San Diego, a distributorship for parent company, H2O Liquid Air. In 2006, Mr. Balanko established Environmental Water Solutions, the predecessor to Quest Water Solutions Inc.

Peter Miele - Executive VP/Director

Peter Miele, has over 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience and has been involved with public and private companies in strategic management framework, business development, marketing, design, and branding, along with holding Directorship and Corporate Development positions.  Mr. Miele currently holds a position on the Board of Directors of Fibresources Corp., a TSX company, and has been on the board since 2006. In 2004, Mr. Miele was involved in the successful launch of a bottled water company. Innovative and creative, Mr. Miele was involved in the strategic and corporate development of the company’s overall corporate branding, as well as creating and facilitating the company’s marketing and production of new brands of bottled water products. In 2006, Mr. Miele held the position of managing partner with Environmental Water Solutions. He is currently Executive Vice President and Director of Quest Water Solutions Inc., which he co-founded.

Jacqueline McClure - Corporate Communications Manager

Jacqueline McClure began her career working in the advertising and marketing industry, eventually moving on to work with major business accounts in the telecommunications sector.  In the past several years, she has worked as a Corporate Communications consultant within the advertising and biotechnology sectors and, most recently, for the past eight years in the multi-billion dollar water industry. As Quest Water’s Corporate Communications Manager, Jackie creates, implements, and oversees communications programs that effectively describe and promote the organization and its products. She assists in the preparation of presentations geared toward prospective investors, potential joint venture partners, and the general public. Jackie plays a strategic role in managing the company's relationships with its key stakeholders and in promoting corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility.