Quest Water Solutions is an innovative water technology company that provides sustainable and environmentally sound solutions to meet the growing global demand for fresh water. It uses proven technologies to create economically viable products that address the critical shortage of clean water in water-scarce regions and developing countries.


Quest’s goal is to address the vital issue of water quality and water supply by providing an alternative, sustainable source of pure water at the smallest possible environmental cost, while becoming a leading provider of decentralized, turn-key solutions using alternative energy for the production, purification, desalination, and distribution of clean, potable water.


The Company is committed to ensuring a positive socio-economic benefit for the communities in which it operates, while advancing its standards of corporate, environmental, and social responsibility through the continuous pursuit of viable, environmental, and technical innovation. In keeping with this objective, Quest Water remains socially, environmentally, and corporately responsible in all of its activities.


Quest’s intellectual property portfolio consists of three distinct, innovative water technologies that are each energy-efficient, cost-competitive, and environmentally sound. All three of our technologies: atmospheric Water Extraction and Purification Systems (WEPSTM); solar-powered water purification and desalination technology (AQUAtapTM); and solar-powered sewage and wastewater treatment technology are all proprietary to Quest. All three are breakthrough technologies that serve as vital, core components of our principal products. These technologies are fully-developed and proven, thereby minimizing development time, costs, and risks.