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Our initial focus is on Angola, Africa, due to their acute shortage of clean water and their pursuit of a practical, economically viable, turnkey solution. As a result, our first objective is to focus on Quest’s primary business of marketing and deploying the AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Stations into the country.

Angola is Quest Water’s first strategic market entry due to the collaborative relationships that we have forged with senior government officials, and NGO’s (Non Government Organizations). Quest Water Global first presented its AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Station proposal in conjunction with Angola’s “Water For All” program to Dr. Benjamin Dombolo, the Director General of the Ministry of Industry, and to the Secretary of State for Rural Development, Dr. Filomena Delgado, in June 2009.

Subsequent to the success of the initial presentation, Quest Water was invited back to Angola to present its proposal to the Secretary of State for Industry, Dr. Kiala Ngone Gabriel, and to the Secretary of State for Water, Dr. Luis Filipe de Silva, in December 2009.

In June 2010, Quest Water received a formal request from the Ministry of Industry for the installation of one complete, fully-functional AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Station for demonstration and assessment purposes. Under Secretary of State Gabriel, the Ministry has the official capacity to undertake assessment of all technology pertaining to the “Water For All” program.

The first AQUAtap™ installation in Bom Jesus became operational on March 1, 2012 with the 500 residents of the village drawing approximately 10,000 litres of pure water a day. The Secretary of State for Industry officially inaugurated the AQUAtap™ on March 16, 2012. Included in the opening were numerous Ministry of Industry Directors, technical advisors, and engineers. Analysis of the product water from the AQUAtap™ and a comparative analysis of the product water and source water from the Kwanza River were performed by EPAL, a government agency and laboratory, and AngoLab, Quest Water's private water analysis laboratory in Angola. The results of the product water analysis exceeded World Health Organization (WHO) standards for drinking water, while the results of the analysis of the source water proved it was not fit for human consumption.

The Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Energy & Water have been extremely supportive throughout the entire process and of what Quest is attempting to achieve under their national "Water for All" initiative.

Angola is Africa’s second largest oil producing nation and fifth largest diamond producer. It is also has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with the revenue to invest in delivering clean drinking water to its citizens. There is also plenty of fresh water – it’s just not clean. The country has the most water of any African country, but it also has the highest infant mortality rate. However, it’s not malnutrition that is the cause – it’s water-borne diseases.

In Angola, almost three decades of civil war devastated water systems across the country, leaving millions of people without clean, reliable municipal water supplies or basic sanitation. Presently, the quality of water is still very poor, and in fact is considered harmful to public health.

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